Saturday, May 10, 2014

Indians Here Remember ‘Arrival Day’


Anonymous said...

Another holistic perspective is to view the Arrival of Indians from their subcontinent as completing the circum migration of Asian Indians to the Americas.

The last Ice Age brought the Paleo Indians from Asia Across the Bering and into Western America to begin their pre Columbus CITIZEnshIP of the Americas.

The Arrival of Ghandi's folks represents the eastern migration route that connects completes the western route of Arawak / Carib/Taino descendants.

With that theme in mind I would prefer that this ceremony lend its obvious elite clout to collaborate with other Caribbean arrivals-

like the Taino of Puerto Rico, Both Red and Black Caribs .

A return to the mainland is a great personal quest but to to build up the recognition and sustainability of other arrival and indigenous minority groups that rim the Caribbean Basin-

now that would be a nobler quest and prevailing endowment that hails the greatness of the accomplishments the descendants of Indian migrants to the Caribbean in the early 20th Century.

Anonymous said...

It's about time st lucia indian know themselves.

MR. "T" said...

@ 4:18

I totally agree.
And they should know who in this century ravish their young virgin girls in the high of Micoud.

History will one day kick-down this evil bronze idol in the centre of Castries, and grind it into power and cast it into hell-fire.

"gal-la-he and gal-la-har"

Anonymous said...

Given the ramifications for divisiveness stemming this initiative in the future, I would do all in my power to leave Saint Lucia today. Mark my words, this here is sowing the seeds of discord. We have only to look at Guyana and Trinidad for insights.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:27PM: you represent the fear of the Afro Caribbean. The Indians have the disciplines: being frugal and family values....

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the 'Arrival Day' of the first Negro to St.Lucia?

It's just a matter of time before the Indians start running St.Lucia. Once they start to consolidate political and economic power, it's over for blacks. Just watch and see.

Anonymous said...

@3:26, those without choice or insight are free to remain. But if I were you, I would not go there. You are too dumb and have no sense of what Guyana and Trinidad have gone through?

The whites PAID the Indians and gave them LAND for their work. The blacks on which they built an empire, where they boasted that the sun never sets, were thrown to the elements with just the shirts on their backs on emancipation day. That's why reparations are necessary to redress this imbalance!

Don't go there with that crap talk about discipline and family values. Where was that discipline in Guyana that made them flee with passport scandals? Or, Trinidad's Panday that further split that country along racial lines? What is the value of this empty boast of family values which not reflected in the treatment of women in today's India?

Where the hell did you go to school? In the country side? You sound like today's young Jamaicans who know not one friggin' thing about, or the one time existence of the West Indian Federation. Get a damn education!

Anonymous said...

@ 7:46AM: You will have to direct me to the body of work that points to the Afro's Trinis' progressivity under the leadership of Eric Williams and how the gains that they made were taken from them under Panday...I was in Guyana in 1975 at the height of Forbes Burham's delusional militarism which wrecked the economy of that country...the truth hurts!

Anonymous said...

Are you some kind of jackass or what? The issue is the coming divisiveness of Asian Indians, not the native Amerindians.

Why are you so-o-o-o-o dumb that you think that I would not recognise that you are trying very hard, but failing in your efforts to shift the goal posts? The British with their labour shortage sowed the ethnic problems that plagues both Guyana and TNT, and before Eric Williams was born, jackass. Before, Eric Williams was born, jackass.